Sytes Media Studios mission is to help our clients meet the market

demand for high quality video, photos and help to brand them online

within the New York City area. 


Sytes Media Studios came into existence when as a musician, I couldn't

afford to pay for photos and videos. I took the bulls by the horns and

learned videography and photography on my own. People were so

impressed with my work that I began doing videos and photos for

other artists and local businesses.

With my new found passion, I left my 9 to 5 to pursue starting my

company. Sytes Media Studios is unique from other visual media

providers in that I over a decade worth of experience in the online

advertising industry as a campaign manager and he is a former

musician. Sytes Media is able to offer online marketing ideas for brands

and individuals that another visual service provider would not normally

offer. Sytes Media Studios motto is “We go beyond the lens…we

capture more than just the moment”. 

In our early stages of being in business, Sytes Media Studios were one

of the few selected photographers across America to have their work

featured in McDonalds “IN COMMON” ad campaign. 


Our video work has also been featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine

with one of the top trainers in America by the name of Nicole Chaplin

“The Fitness Rockstar”. 

Recently our music video work for the Artist (Ziee) for his song (GPS) 

has been featured on Tempo Networks. TEMPO currently broadcasts in

24 Caribbean islands, with approximately 3M viewers, as well in the

TriState area: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on Cablevision

Channel 1105.


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